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The Correct Way to Brush Your Teeth and the Importance of Doing So

Our teeth are one of our greatest pride and joy, as once we reach adulthood, it’s pretty much the only set of pearl whites we’ll ever have. That is why it is important that we keep our teeth clean and healthy at all times. Since we were kids, we’ve been taught both at school and at home about brushing our teeth after every meal. Easy-peasy, right? Just get a toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a glass of tap water for washing, then you’re good to go as you move your hand in a brushing motion


But is that really all there is to it?


The Correct Way Of Teeth Brushing


Did you know that for you to effectively clean your pearly whites, there is a correct technique to do it?


Read on to find out if you’ve been doing it right or need some new pointers that you can apply in your current technique!


Wet Your Toothbrush Before Use


Make sure your toothbrush is wet before applying your toothpaste. This is to clean off any dirt residues it may have for the time it was unused and as well as for lubrication; that way the brush, as well as the applied toothpaste, becomes more effective in cleaning.


Use Short Circular Brush Strokes


For some, they believe that brushing fast will help in removing the dirt quickly, but the truth is, it may end up bringing more damage to your teeth and gums. The proper way of brushing is to use short circular gentle brush strokes over your teeth.


It also helps to angle your brush at a 45-degree angle too so you can effectively clean over the spots.


Brush, Brush, Brush All Over!


When it comes to toothbrushing, it’s important that you touch all areas of your mouth - inner, outer, and even on the sides. The most important ones to reach are those that are not seen by the naked eyes. The back molars for instance are where potential food residues may be sneaking in.


Remember to also change the positioning of your toothbrush, depending on the area where you’re brushing on. This includes flipping your brush upside down to reach for the back areas of your upper and lower teeth.


Take a few minutes and do not rush to make sure that the brushing is effectively done.


Don’t Forget To Brush the Tongue!


The tongue is prone to bacteria build-up in the long run if not cleaned regularly. That’s why it must not be forgotten while brushing.


Drink Water, Rinse and Spit It Out


After you’re done cleaning, have a glass of clean tap water and wash off the toothpaste from inside your mouth, including the remnants. 


Change Your Toothbrush Regularly


It is recommended that your toothbrush be changed at least every three months, or if it shows any signs of wearing and tearing because these make the cleaning less effective. 


The Importance of Brushing Teeth


Brushing your teeth is essential in maintaining your overall oral health. It keeps your teeth healthy as well as your gums and prevents the spread of bacteria and diseases. You will be less prone to having tooth decay and cavity as well with the use of fluoride toothpaste. It is recommended to brush the teeth at least 3 times a day, or at least after every meal.


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