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Can I close my gap with a filling?

3. Can I close my gap with a filling?

Are you self-conscious about the gap between your teeth? Are you looking for other ways to fix your gap than traditional braces? If your answer is yes, then we have good news! There is a solution that is both cost and time effective, not to mention practically painless.

So, how can you close the gap in your teeth? The answer is with a cosmetic filling otherwise known as dental bonding. As long as the gap between your teeth isn’t too large, the filling can be used to match the color of your teeth and fill the gap.

In the procedure, the dentist roughens the surface of the teeth on either side of the gap so that there is more surface area for the filling to bond to. Then, the composite filling is added to fill the gap. Here is where your dentist makes sure that the filling perfectly matches the color and shape of your teeth. This helps make the teeth look wider, while reducing the space between them. Once the filling is added, a UV light is applied to harden the bonding. The process generally lasts about an hour.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy fix to the gap between your teeth, a dental filling might just be your answer. It is also one of the most affordable options out there. Don’t let your gap keep you from sharing your smile with the world. Contact your dentist at Gorgeous Smile today to see about closing your gap.  

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