Healthy Snacks To Keep Your Child’s Smile Cavity-free

Healthy Snacks to Keep Your Child’s Smile Cavity-Free

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! Now is a great time to make your little one’s gorgeous smile stay happy and healthy!

Improving their oral health can be as easy as adding a few smile cavity-free snacks into their daily nutrition intake.

How your child eats can have just as much of an impact on their smile as what they eat. Constantly snacking throughout the day increases how often your child’s teeth are exposed to sugar, which will increase their risk of cavities. As you limit how often they snack, encourage them to drink more water. Not only will this help subside their cravings and keep them hydrated, but every sip of water will wash over their teeth and rinse away any accumulating plaque or bacteria.

Cavity-causing Snacks


Tooth decay is the number one most common chronic childhood illness. Unfortunately, this is due to the high sugar content of foods that are often marketed for children. Some of the worst cavity-causing snacks include:

✔ Candies that are hard or chewy, which allow sugar to linger     longer on your child’s teeth.

✔ Regular and diet sodas, since they’re both acidic enough to soften the enamel.

✔ Fruit juices, which can sometimes be just as sugary or acidic as a can of soda.

Smile-Friendly Foods



Helping your child improve their oral health doesn’t have to be a challenge. Adding these healthy snacks into their daily diet is a tasty, natural way to keep their smile happy and healthy. To help keep teeth clean and bright, provide healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains. Crunchy foods, like apples and celery, will naturally get rid of bacteria that turn into plaque. These healthy snacks can be added to a regular meal or eaten as a snack during the day:

Raw fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber can help fight against cavities by gently brushing the teeth as your child chews them.

Fresh Fruit:

These can be served with low-fat yogurt or cream cheese to combine savory and sweet.

✔ Apples
✔ Bananas
✔ Berries
✔ Pineapple

Leafy Greens & Raw Veggies

Combine these with condiments like low-fat dressing or peanut butter for a yummy snack. These are brimming with Vitamin C, which helps the body fight off infections like gum disease.

✔ Broccoli
✔ Carrots
✔ Celery
✔ Cucumber
✔ Kale
✔ Spinach

Dairy Products

Choose low-fat or non-fat options to keep a diet low in fat. These strengthen the jawbone, rebuild weakened enamel, and potentially neutralize harmful acids.

✔ Cheddar (Hard cheese)
✔ Cottage cheese
✔ Milk
✔ Yogurt


Foods that contain the mineral phosphorus help maximize the effectiveness of calcium.
✔ Beans
✔ Chicken
✔ Nuts
✔ Salmon

Best Dentist in Arlington, VA

A routine visit to your dentist near you will ensure that your mouth’s free from cavities and other dental issues. Talk to your dentist if you’re not sure about the options available to treating and preventing tooth decay. Our Smile Dental Clinic in Arlington, VA  will be more than happy to help.

Follow up a healthy snack and meal times with good dental hygiene habits. You can start taking steps toward a cavity-free smile by inquiring with our Pediatric Dentist at Arlington, VA. 

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