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How to take care of a dental emergency?

How to take care of your dental emergency?

 If you are faced with a dental emergency, it should not be ignored. Prolonged action to dental issues can increase the risk of having infections or permanent damage to your teeth. In cases of dental emergencies, here are some rules to ensure that the problem doesn’t get worse. 


What to do after you chip a tooth?
 In regards to chipped or broken teeth, it is important to save any pieces of tooth that are now missing. If there is bleeding or irritation to the area, use gauze in your mouth until the bleeding subsides. To ease some pain and help with swelling, apply an ice pack to the outside of your mouth. In this case, call your dentist and see them as soon as you can, 


What to do if your tooth is dislodged?
 If your tooth is dislodged, you need to see your dentist right away. You can help subside any pain by using a cold compress and taking some basic pain relievers like Advil, but your dentist will need to see you as soon as possible to help handle a dislodged tooth. 


What to do if your tooth is knocked out?
 In regards to a knocked-out tooth, it is imperative to keep the tooth. If you can, insert the tooth back in the socket. If not, keep it clean if it’s dirty and don’t scrub the tooth, as there could be tissue attached that will help later on to put the tooth back in it’s place. Saving this tooth has a higher chance if your dentist can return the tooth to the socket within an hour of it being knocked out. 

 Overall, it is best to consult with your dentist and see if your situation is considered a dental emergency and see what they recommend in order to help you. Dental emergencies are time-sensitive and require care, so it is best to have your dentist assess your teeth as soon as possible. Call Gorgeous Smile in Arlington VA today to speak to Dr. Salim. 
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