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Reasons for Tooth Extractions

Many patients do not like the idea of having their teeth removed. Dentists, too, are opposed to the practice and opt for more conservative approaches to fixing teeth problems. But, sometimes, a dental extraction may be the only viable solution to a teeth problem.


Below are teeth problems for which only tooth extraction may be indicated:


Delayed Primary Teeth


The dentist may extract a child’s primary teeth if they have delayed falling out. This is only done if the delay is by several years to give enough time for natural loss. The extraction encourages the permanent adult teeth to grow in and stay in their correct positions. It nullifies the need for orthodontic treatment later in life.


Overcrowded Teeth


The dentist may take out some teeth as part of your dental correction plan. If your teeth are too overcrowded, the orthodontist may suggest the removal of some of them. Once some teeth come off, the rest of them can be rearranged to fit correctly in the space left. Most extractions for overcrowded teeth are done on teens and children.


Decayed Tooth


Most people have their teeth removed because they decayed. It takes many years for a tooth to decay to the point of needing extraction. So, people who do not have regular dental checkups are most likely to have their teeth extracted.


Initially, the decay only affects the tooth enamel but later gets to the tooth’s inner parts. The longer you stay without seeking treatment, the greater your tooth’s destruction. Also, the more likely you are to develop infections. Once the tooth decay becomes so severe, it may be impossible to save it.


Broken Tooth


In the event of an accident and your tooth breaks at or near the gum line, there’s not much the dentist can do to save it. It has already lost structure, onto which a crown would be fixed. So, in this case, the dentist extracts it and replaces it with a dental implant.


Effects of Gum Disease


If your gum gets infected and you fail to treat it, the disease may affect your teeth. At the advanced stage, gum disease causes the degeneration of the ligaments, gum tissue, and bones that support your teeth. Without the supporting structure, your teeth deteriorate and become loose. They may start to fall out on their own, or the dentist may aid the process by extracting them. After this, the dentist treats your gum, and once you have healed, he or she may replace them.


Impacted Teeth


An impacted tooth is a tooth withheld within the gum or one that is partially erupted. A tooth can fail to erupt from the gum for many reasons. The jaw could be overcrowded, a tooth may grow tilted or twisted, and the tooth could be displaced. Impacted teeth are likely to become infected or cause pain and inflammation. For this reason, the dentist will opt to extract them. Most often, dentists extract wisdom teeth because the jaw does not have enough space to accommodate them.


Dentists make every effort to save your natural tooth. But, when the extraction is inevitable, you want to be in the hands of a certified and experienced dentist. Get your tooth extracted at Gorgeous Smile in Arlington, Virginia.


Learn more about tooth extractions, contact Gorgeous Smile in Arlington, Virginia at (571) 380-7800 to request an appointment.

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