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Relieve Dental Anxiety in Kids with Sedation Dentistry

Does your youngster always worry about his or her next visit to the dentist? Anxiety over dentist appointments is perfectly normal, and even some adults get panicky. To help calm your little one, your child’s dentist may suggest sedation or anesthesia before performing dental work. This form of treatment is called sedation dentistry.


What Is Sedation Dentistry?


Sedation dentistry is a dental treatment that uses sedative medicines to make dental procedures easier for patients by relaxing them throughout the process. Patients are typically wide awake during the procedure, except for those who receive general anesthesia.


Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for Your Child?


As a parent, you may question whether sedation dentistry is safe for your kid. Several types of sedation methods are available, which gives dentists the flexibility to adjust the solution to every child’s needs. To put your mind at ease, it is important to understand the various types of dental sedation used and how to ease your child’s anxiety before and after an appointment with the dentist.


Types of Dental Sedation Used on Kids


Nitrous Oxide


Usually referred to as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a mild and very safe sedative that will keep your little one calm during dental processes. The dentist administers nitrous oxide using a “space mask” that carries medication mixed with oxygen.


The dentist will then ask your child to breathe through the nose and not the mouth. Afterward, your youngster will sense a faded, sweet scent as the sedative begins to take effect, which can take about five minutes. He or she may experience a “happy sensation.”


After the procedure, the dentist will turn off the “laughing gas,” and your kid will draw in clean oxygen for approximately five minutes to expel any remaining nitrous oxide. You should restrict your little one to a piece of toast or another small snack before the dental work.


Oral Sedation


Oral sedation is given through the mouth or nose. This type of sedation will make your child feel a bit sleepy and relaxed throughout the process. The sedative usually starts to function within 20 minutes. If your little one is undergoing sedation, make sure he or she eats only lightly the night before the dental visit.


Intravenous (IV) Sedatives


IV sedations involve inserting a needle into your kid’s vein, often in the hand or arm, so it can take effect faster. This can be a great option because the dentist can add more medicine if the procedure takes longer. Your child will remain calm and in a comparatively deep sleep and will not likely recall the procedure once awake again.


General Anesthesia


General anesthesia will put your little one totally asleep and free from any discomfort. This type of sedation is intense and has a longer recovery time. General anesthesia is usually reserved for more complex procedures that cannot be done safely with milder forms of sedation or for children under the age of three. The sedation is only endorsed when the situation demands. Otherwise, dentists recommend conscious sedation whenever possible.


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