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Voted Best Dentist in Arlington VA

Who’s the best dentist in Arlington, Virginia?

We are! If you’re in the Arlington, VA area and you’re searching for the best dentist near you, look no further! Gorgeous Smile offers you the best dentists around to provide you with the best possible care and treatment.


At Gorgeous Smile, Dr. Ahmed Salim specializes in general and cosmetic dentistry. His goal is to improve the smile of everyone who walks into the office whether it be health or cosmetic related. Dr. Ahmed Salim has honed his craft by enrolling in continuing education so that he can provide his clients with the best, most advanced dental care available.


Dr. Habib is the highly trained periodontist at Gorgeous Smile. He provides our clients with the best possible treatment and care when performing classic periodontal and implant-related surgeries.

It goes without saying that our doctors will provide you with the best possible care in all of the Arlington area. Not only will you be treated by the best dentists in Arlington, but you will also notice the joy our doctors receive from helping our patients. Their goal is to help everyone who comes in feel confident and healthy, ready to share their smile with the world. Come in for a cleaning or consultation today, and let the best dentists in Arlington help care for you.

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