What are my cosmetic dental options in Arlington VA

What are my Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions?

There are various ways in which people can have a better smile after choosing cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry does not only solve the problems of teeth, mouth, and smile but provides therapeutic benefits to the patient through the following ways: 

Inlays and Onlays


These are made from resin material in the dental laboratory to be used as fillers. More often than not, the teeth tend to decay when not appropriately brushed from time to time. The Inlays and Onlays are directly placed on the tooth to avoid damage to the cusps.

Adhesive dental cement is used by the dentists to attach the fillings to the teeth. This can also be used if someone has a broken tooth and needs to be filled to hold proper shape.

Dental veneers


It is a common practice that a lot of people have gotten themselves injured while playing in childhood and otherwise. This often results in crooked or broken teeth. Dental veneers are there to rescue in this kind of situation.

All a dentist requires to do in such a case is to attach dental veneers to the crooked tooth or teeth for the patient through dental adhesive, and they are good to go. They are made explicitly of every individual patient so that dentists can resolve the problems of gaps between teeth, and repair teeth damage & cracks.

Teeth whitening


As the name itself suggests, this cosmetic registry solution aims at whitening the teeth of the patients. Teeth whitening is also known as teeth bleaching at various places by different dentists. Over a period of time, most people face the problem of yellowing teeth from tartar, plague, and other impurities.

This procedure is the most basic and easy procedure, which can be done in no time. Several people want to get this procedure done for more white and shiny teeth. However, it only gives you your original color of teeth back; it doesn't whiten your teeth beyond its original color.

Composite Bonding


This solution is for the problem in which the teeth require repair for the damage and decay. In this procedure, dentists prepare material from the dental base of the exact color as the color of the patient's teeth.

Once the material has been prepared, it is then filled out in the drilled part of the tooth, which was earlier damaged. Composite bonding is the least expensive procedure in all the above cosmetic dentistry solutions. So, you don't have to splurge a fortune to get it done.

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