What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry in Arlington VA?

What are the benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

A number of people use home remedies for dental care to repair the damage rather than going to the dentists. This results in worsening the damage that has already been done to the teeth. Going to the dentist can sometimes be painful, but since they are professionals and have specialized in this particular field, they know what they are doing. However, people who can not bear the pain of getting cosmetic dentistry procedures, they can avail the merits of sedation dentistry. It is an excellent method of making the patient feel comfortable and do the process without pain. There are several other benefits of sedation dentistry as follows:

Relief from Anxiety


Sedation dentistry involves a gas called nitrous oxide. It helps to keep the patient calm, composed, and relaxed before, during and after treatment. 

Gag Reflex Minimization


It is difficult for many patients to control their rapid, unconscious movements in anxiety, fear, and nervousness. Sedation dentistry eliminates this problem and helps the dentist perform the procedure efficiently without disturbance. Gag reflexes can result in choking or sputtering for patients.

More than physiological fear, it is the psychological pressure that takes over the patients and results in gag reflexes. Mild sedation techniques can help the patients to let off the stress of being in a dental chair and sit through the entire procedure calmly.

Performing Multiple Procedures


Sedation dentistry fulfills the dual purpose of calming down the patient's nerves as well as letting the dentist work with full efficiency. Often dentists unknowingly get stressed severely from the noise of drills and smell of dental water. Sedatives are given to the patients so that they let go of the pressure and tension.

When the patient is calm and composed and ready for the procedure, it cuts down half the tasks of the dentists. The right patient is always better to work on for dentists. Relaxed hours with patients help dentists to work effectively on each patient.

Dealing with Dental Trauma


A bad dental experience can ruin every appointment with your dentist in the future. The experience can haunt you for many days, which can adversely affect your dental health. Using a low dose of sedatives can make sure that patients are not left with any lousy memory of going to the dentist.

Sedation is just temporary amnesia, which helps the patients to continue their dental treatment with the dentist. The techniques may vary from age and exceptions to the patient. Inhaled, oral, and intravenous are some types of sedation methods generally used by the dentists for calming the patients down and having a smooth dental treatment.

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