What Is An Overbite And How To Correct It



What is an overbite?

An overbite is a dental condition impacting the aesthetics of your mouth, your smile and your jaw mechanics. An overbite occurs when your upper teeth overlap with your lower teeth. Most individuals have a slight overbite of a couple of millimeters. An overbite becomes a problem when the upper teeth do not cover most of the bottom teeth. Upper teeth protect the bottom teeth from wear and decay.


The most common cause of an overbite is the shape and/or size of the jaw or the teeth. This could mean having too much room in the jaw area or too little room to accommodate one’s teeth. If not treated, the overbite will allow the teeth to crowd each other and grow crooked if there is too little room, or the teeth will be spaced too far apart if the jaw area is too large. In some cases, an overbite is hereditary, meaning it may run in your family. Genetic traits, such as your jaw shape, can affect the alignment of your teeth.

Other causes include:

  • Excessive nail biting.
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism).
  • Thumb-sucking, or nonnutritive sucking behavior (NNSB), that occurs past the age of 3.
  • Tongue-thrusting, when the tongue presses too far forward into the mouth
  • Using a pacifier, especially past the age of 3.


The primary symptom of an overbite is related to your appearance – your top front teeth overlap past your bottom front teeth.

Overbites can also cause:

  • Difficulty fully opening or closing the mouth
  • Discomfort while eating
  • Jaw pain
  • Speech challenges

The Importance of Correcting an Overbite

If you have an overbite over four millimeters, you should get it fixed especially when your lower teeth are not visible when you smile or talk. More significantly, an overbite can cause significant pain. It will pull on your TMJ, tearing the nerves in your jaw and cheeks. It can cause your teeth to grind, upsetting your gums and cutting the inside of your mouth. An overbite can even cause sleep apnea. It can block your flow of air, preventing your body from getting the oxygen it needs. You may suffer from sleep deprivation and heart disease. You can correct your overbite at any point. It is very important that children get theirs corrected as it could influence how the bones and muscles in their faces develop. 

Treatments for an Overbite Correction

Invisalign has become a popular option for numerous orthodontic treatments including overbites and underbites. You can have your teeth effectively straightened without the need for wires or brackets. One of the best known clear aligners currently available is Invisalign. Your dental concerns are corrected using clear, removable and fully customized trays. Your trays are constructed using clear plastic.
The first step toward having your overbite corrected using Invisalign is contacting Gorgeous Smile in Arlington to schedule your consultation. You need to visit the best dentist in Arlington, VA and our clinic to make certain you are a good candidate for this procedure. 
Invisalign does not require as many dental appointments as traditional metal braces, and you can enjoy all of your favorite foods during your treatment. If you would like additional information regarding Invisalign or want to know how to fix an overbite with our surgery and wonder about the invisalign cost in Virginia, check our Invisalign Services. The way your teeth are fixed is dependent on a variety of factors including:

  • Your age
  • The severity of your overbite
  • How well you respond to the treatment

Feel Better With Invisalign

Your final result is the straighter, healthier and beautiful smile you have been dreaming of. Invisalign is an effective and simple solution for fixing both underbites and overbites. The best time to fix overbite using Invisalign is at a younger age. You will achieve the best results when your jaw is still developing. The fit of your aligners will be perfect, and you can remove them easily.

If you think that your overbite teeth need correction, talk to your regular dentist for their input. If you have questions about our services or wish to know about us, visit our website! Read through your options or scroll to the bottom for our contact information and new patient appointment request form. We can’t wait to get you on the path to a healthier, happier gorgeous smile!

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