What is categorized as a dental emergency? Arlington VA

What is categorized as a dental emergency?

What is categorized as a dental emergency?

 When something happens to your tooth or your teeth, it can be confusing on whether or not it would be considered a “dental emergency”, so here are some indicators that you may be experiencing a dental emergency.


Difference between emergency and non-emergency
 If you have a problem like a toothache, a small chip in your tooth, or something that you are sure can wait a couple days, that is not considered a dental emergency. On the other hand, if you have a knocked-out tooth, severely chipped tooth, or an abscess from infection, these are considered dental emergencies. These procedures are time-sensitive so it is best to move quickly, especially if you’re in a lot of pain. Especially with things like infections in the mouth, as they are known to spread to other parts of your body like the jaw. 


Preventing dental emergencies
 You can prevent dental emergencies by persistently practicing good oral hygiene. Go to your regular check-ups at the dentist and discuss any concerns with your dentist. When faced with a dental emergency, ensure your dental health by seeing your doctor immediately and handling any and all issues with your teeth. 

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