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What the Benefits of Dental Implants?


Dental implants have been around a while, but they are now more accessible and more affordable than ever before, and this has led to record numbers of patients now choosing implants to restore their missing teeth. What makes them different from conventional tooth replacement solutions is the technique that underpins the entire treatment. Most conventional tooth replacement solutions require healthy teeth to support the structure or use adhesives. However, dental implants make it possible for patients to benefit from functional and cosmetic dental restoration without any reliance on neighboring teeth. Instead, the design features a titanium post that acts as an artificial root. Once this post has been inserted into the jawbone, the bone heals around it to secure it permanently in place. Your chosen restoration (singe artificial tooth, bridge, denture, etc) can then be attached to it/them. The type of restoration that you need will determine the number of implant posts you will need.


Now we know a little about how dental implants work, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that make them such an attractive option for many patients.


Dental Implants Prevent other Teeth from Shifting


Teeth have a clever ability to be able to shift around a little. However, this means that small gaps can open up between the teeth – something which both looks unsightly and can have consequences for your dental health. This is because small gaps are more difficult to clean effectively, putting you at greater risk of decay and gum disease. When you place a dental implant into space, you can prevent these problems from occurring.


Jawbone Preservation


The roots of teeth don’t only support them, they also stimulate the jawbone to remain strong and healthy. When you lose a tooth, the bone around where the root would sit begins to deteriorate, causing the strength of the bone to be compromised, and the shape of the jaw can even change shape. If the bone deteriorates too much, it won’t be able to support dental implants and grafting may be needed before this is possible. However, by placing an implant post into the bone, it will continue to encourage healthy bone.


Superior Stability and Security


Dental implants are well known for the stability and security that they offer patients. This is because the implants themselves are anchored permanently into the jaw, becoming part of the overall structure of the mouth. Patients don’t need to feel concerned about the stability of their restoration and can eat, laugh, sneeze and kiss without worrying about their teeth.


Discreet, Natural Appearance


Experts and patients alike agree that dental implants are extremely natural in appearance, with the visible part of the restoration being custom-designed in the perfect shape, size, and color to match your existing teeth. This makes dental implants the most discreet tooth replacement solution currently available.




Dental implants are extremely durable and long-lasting. If they receive the proper care and attention needed both at home and by your dentist, there is no reason why your implants can’t last upwards of 20 years. This makes them a fantastic investment in the long-term health, function, and appearance of your smile.



If you are interested in dental implants and would like more information about the benefits they can offer patients, please get in touch with our dental team at Gorgeous Smile in Arlington, VA.

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